The Chair of
Network Architectures and Services

In research and teaching we focus on components, methods and systems of digital telecommunication and networking. The general term for all these fields is telematics (the combination of telecommunication and informatics).

Today modern digital telecommunication systems offer a wide spectrum of services ranging from "local" networks within buildings (Local Area Networks, LANs) to the worldwide infrastructure of telecommunication networks (Wide Area Networks, WANs) like the Internet. Topics of research and teaching are the basics of digital transmission systems and switching technology as well as Internet-based applications. Running within a computer network, these programs integrate the functions of individual computers, making them accessible to the rest of the network. This includes communication mechanisms for multimedia information such as language, technical data, text, graphics, photographs and film. Telematics opens up an extensive spectrum of new functions and services which has an immense practical importance for a wide range of applications.

Main thematic emphases

The main areas of research and teaching at the Chair of Network Architectures and Services range from communication technologies and protocols to the application of computer networks and distributed systems. Focal areas are network security, peer-to-peer communication, mobile communication, high speed networks, Internet based audio and video communication as well as ubiquitous communication for embedded computer systems and sensors. Here our main topics are protocol-design and performance assessment as well as the architecture of Internet components.